Private-label affinity video sites

Engage with your users or your industry, by letting them upload and share their own videos under your brand. Give each user or company their own video site for HTML5 video for Windows, Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

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Online storage for video

1Video Storage

Online backup for HD video files, with automatic transcoding.

  • Use regular folders

    Backup your videos as easily as using a local hard drive. Just drag them from your camera or USB drive and drop them in the folder. We build your video sharing site to match.

  • Store multi-gigabyte files

    We don't limit you to 5 or even 15 minute clips. Upload a two hour training video, or a conference session shot in HD, no problem.

  • Transcode for devices

    We convert the uploaded video into formats for Flash, Silverlight, and HTML5, including the new Google WebM format. Viewers can watch from PCs, Macs, iPhone and Android, or even from Roku and TiVo.

  • Work with originals

    Your folders show you your originals. We keep track of all the Internet video formats. Rename your original, we rename all the copies. A video's owner can access the originals at any time, and download the Internet formats too if they want.

Online video publishing platform

2Video Sharing

Beautiful HD video galleries generated from video storage.

  • HTML5 video in HD

    We provide a "video for everyone" player stack supporting Flash, Silverlight, and HTML5 video playback. Fans of open video formats can give WebM and Ogg priority for Firefox or Opera, while still supporting iPhone and iPad with H.264.

  • Multi-device playback

    The online video platform publishes to PCs and Macs, as well as iPad, iPhone, Android phones, and Android tablets. It also offers custom channels to TiVo, Roku, and other Internet-capable set top boxes or TV sets.

  • Tabs, thumbnails, and video feeds

    Easily build video sites that look and work like Hulu™, just by dropping originals into sub-folders. Each folder generates a tab, with custom thumbnails for the clips, and RSS feeds that users can subscribe to to follow the latest videos.

  • Usage reporting

    See at a glance which videos are popular and how much time visitors are spending watching them.

Custom branding for video hosting

3Branded Sites

Custom logos, custom domains, custom themes – yours and theirs.

  • Healthcare, real estate

    Publish medical training videos, or marketing videos about pharmaceuticals or procedures, with no risk of ads or "see also" suggestions from competing brands. Realtors™ can post real estate videos that comply with MLS™ branding rules.

  • Churches, schools, non-profits

    Religious, education, and non-profit organizations can create safe communities for their members and even share video privately with three levels of privacy.

  • Consumer electronics

    Video camera manufacturers can give users their own online storage and video publishing. Storage manufacturers can offer synchronized online backup and video sharing that doesn't rely on a consumer's home connection.

  • Vanity or custom domains

    By default, video publishers get their own URL on your branded domain, like "", but you can also allow them to bring their own custom domains, like "".

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What others are saying about using Vively

  • “Make a Hulu-style video blog on the cheap with – great for a sports team to effortlessly release their content. Much better than the blogs they use.”

    J.D., Sports Marketing Director

  • “Vively lets Realtors™ promote homes using real video tours that sell, instead of glorified slide shows. Incredibly easy to use, incredibly cost effective.”

    R.T., Real Estate Broker

  • “Compared to other platforms out there, Vively is by far the easiest for busy medical professionals to set up and use to promote their practices.”

    H.W., Nurse Practitioner

  • “Parents love seeing videos of what kids are up to. Kids love showing them to friends. Vively keeps sharing safe for the school and our community.”

    Z.F., Christian School Teacher

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